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Use Cases

Daily Life

PunchBee can be used for your everyday life.  Whether to keep track of how much time you spend on chores, entertainment, commute time and/or spending time with loved ones, or anything else pertaining to your life, our app can help you visualize how you spend your time.  This can in turn help you figure out what you can spend more or less time on.

Freelancers and business owners

As a freelancer or a business owner, how you spend your time is a valuable metric to know.  That ever so popular phrase "time is money" comes to mind.  PunchBee helps you as a busy 

person to keep track of one of the most valuable resources you have, time.  This in turn can help you understand how you can become more efficient with how you spend your time.

Students, teachers, and parents

Parents and teachers can better understand how their students spend their time, and what they need to spend more or less time on with PunchBee.  Whether it is to keep track of study hours, test time, or even something like how long their lunches and recess are, PunchBee can help them do that.  This can help understand how your student can learn more efficiently, and become a more rounded student with other activities.

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