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Do you ever wonder where time went?

Time is one of the most important assets we have. Our personal lives revolve around it, and companies pay close attention to it in every aspect of its workflow. Companies have many tools to track time, whether it is operationally or across different departments and verticals. This is what made me think, if companies go through many measures to track its time and how its used, why don’t we as humans in our everyday lives do the same thing? This is what inspired me to create and launch

PunchBee is a simple to use tool that lets us track how we use our most valuable asset, time. I found that in my life after something eventful happens, the phrase “where did time go” always seemed to come up in different conversations. I think with a better understanding of where that time went, we can feel more fulfilled (or unfulfilled and try to make changes on how to better use our time).

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